Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are a primitive group of insects that have been around for millions of years evolving into some of the most adaptable pests on Earth.

Cockroaches are known to carry several million types of bacteria in and on their bodies. The cockroach cuticle, gut & faeces is known to carry disease organisms of humans including Salmonella. Cockroaches can contaminate food by shedding their skins. Their cast-off skin and waste by-products are allergens that can trigger allergic reactions and asthma. Cockroaches often dwell in areas that support the growth of organisms.

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What Do We Do?

Organic Pest Control uses a variety of environmentally sensitive techniques to achieve complete control of your cockroach situation. The insecticides and formulations used by Organic Pest Control depends upon the variety of conditions, style of building; species of cockroach; degree of infestation; nature of building contents; poor hygiene etc. A combination of baits; dust; gels; sticky traps; pheromone-based traps and more are used to end your cockroach problem.

Our dedicated staff will then provide you with a variety of tips and techniques that you can implement to reduce further spread of cockroaches.

How Do I Identify a Cockroach problem?

There are many easy ways to know if you have cockroaches. The obvious way is by seeing them (normally for every 1 cockroach you see there is likely to be dozens that you don’t see). Also look out for signs of their droppings/faeces, staining, cockroach damage and smell. Cockroach infestations in large numbers have an obvious smell and droppings will often be visible for more serious infestations.

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Unless controlled, cockroaches are able to thrive in human environments, potentially spreading diseases harmful to humans. If you would like Organic Pest Control to assist with any Cockroach treatment please contact our office.