Lawn Grubs

Due to the high number of lawn grub infestations around South East Qld, and my own personal recent experience. Organic Pest Control can offer treatments for the most common Lawn Grubs, Armyworm (Spodoptera Maurita), Sod Webworm (Heptetogramma licersisalis) and African Black Beetle adults (Heteronychus arator).

Control the pests before they take control of your home!

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What Is An Army Worm?

Army Worm are common pests in Australia, they can be very destructive and can destroy healthy lawn leaves and root system.

Warmer climatic conditions (October to April) and healthy lush lawn and garden growth (food source) is the perfect catalyst for the lawn grubs to transform into moths. This cycle is often repeated (sometimes in the same year) and the problem can reinfest itself continuously.

How Do I Know I Have Lawn Grubs?

  • Dying Lawn
  • Spongy Grass – a sign they are directly under your feet feeding.
  • Presence of birds – birds love to eat lawn grubs so their sheer presence is a potential sign, especially if there is a high number of birds.
  • Eggs – Build-up of Yellow cocoons around eaves. Young Armyworms have well developed silks glands and may use silk threads to lower themselves to the grass.
  • Moths – The presence of a high degree of moths especially around dusk. They fly around looking for ideal grass areas to lay there eggs.

Spot Army Worms

To identify the presence of Army worm you can wet a hessian bag on the lawn overnight and in the morning, turn over the bag and the presence of green/brown or black coloured grub like caterpillar- this is a Army worm.

Alternatively, you can soak a small patch of grass and see if they come to the surface. They feed lawns in large numbers, once the food source has been consumed, they march off together. Just like an Army.

African Black Beetles

The larval stage maybe confused for witchetty grubs and the larvae are up to 25mm long the are white with a curled soft body. Mature/adults have a shiny black scarab beetles with serrated legs and up to 15mm long. Both the adult and larval stages are capable of causing damage to roots and a wide range of plants- the favourite being grass.

Once again the same damaging symptoms to Army worm are consistent with a African Black Beetle infestation (except not normally as obvious with Black beetle)


Get In Touch Today

Organic Pest control have not only both the knowledge and experience in Lawn grub treatments, but we also have the high pressure and volume equipment to handle any sized property from a courtyard to acreage.

An inspection of the problem area is preferred to ascertain the presence of lawn grub, degree of infestation, size of area to be treated, etc… (note- if all these factors are known then an estimate may be able to be provided over the phone)

The treatment price also includes a follow up inspection, a secondary treatment (especially in highly infested areas) two weeks later to break the life cycle from cocoon-moth-egg-grub-cocoon.

If you would like to enquire about a Lawn grub treatment please contact our office.