Urban Pest Management

Urban pest management is a great solution designed for homes and businesses to control a variety of pests including Rodents, Spiders, Cockroaches, Ants, Silver Fish and Fleas. 

Control the pests before they take control of your home!

Call on our experienced team to use a professional pest control program tailored to suit your individual needs.

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We offer a range of rodent management solutions for both inside and outside of the building. All our accessible rodent baits are locked in secure stations which cannot be accessed by dogs, cats or kids.

The baits are a second generation anticoagulant which is fast acting and has a minimal secondary poisoning risk (should a member of the household decide to eat a dead rat!). We are able to place these as a one-off installation or we can also offer an ongoing monitoring and replenishment service for ongoing rodent issues.


Australia has over 10,000 species of spiders including some of the world’s deadliest. Organic Pest Control can do general residual, roof void and targeted treatments for all types of spiders and situations, tailoring our service to suit budget and sensitive areas.

Our sprays are odourless, colourless and our experienced team will create a treatment plan to suit your requirements.


Organic Pest Control uses a variety of environmentally sensitive techniques to achieve complete control of your cockroach situation. The insecticides and formulations used by Organic Pest Control depends upon the variety of conditions, style of building; species of cockroach; degree of infestation; nature of building contents; poor hygiene etc.

A combination of baits; dust; gels; sticky traps; pheromone-based traps and more are used to end your cockroach problem. Unless controlled, cockroaches are able to thrive in human environments, potentially spreading diseases harmful to humans.


Ants can not only be a nuisance in terms of household pest’s but can potentially also be quite destructive, especially if nesting inside your home. Not only do households provide a food and water supply, but due to the high number of harbourages/nesting sites in a typical home, offer a wide variety of places to set up nest. Organic Pest Control can target ants both internally and externally using a wide range of actives, baits and formulations to control any Ant infestation in and around your home.

We can target specific ant species a using targeted formulations directed at the Ant species we are trying to eradicate, thus speeding the treatment process up and getting longevity out of our treatments.

Silver Fish

Silver Fish are very common and will inhabit most homes over their lifetime. They are known for their damaging feeding habits and can cause major damage to household items. As Silverfish are nocturnal, most homeowners do not realise they have them until they clear out old boxes, clothes and furniture.


Fleas are a common problem in Australia, especially if you have a pet. They have the ability to infest hairy animals, including dogs, cats, rats, mice and livestock. Even if you do not have hairy pets, it is possible to have fleas that you bring in yourself.

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We can target specific species using targeted formulations we are trying to eradicate, thus speeding the treatment process up and getting longevity out of our treatments. If you would like Organic Pest Control to assist with any Urban Pest Management please contact our office.